Handling of Personal Information



As a social responsibility, we recognised the importance, proper use and protection of personal information therefore we strive to protect personal information.


(Definition of Personal Information)

Personal Information are specific data of an individual including name, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, occupation, address and any data that identifies an individual.


(Collection and use of Personal Information)

Our company only collect and use Personal Information only within its scope for the following purposes.


The collection and use of Personal Information is only based on the data provided voluntarily by the customer. In case Personal Information is provided, you have granted our company permission to use such Information.


・To deliver the order to our customer.

・To provide information on our new items or any information that we believe could benefit the customer.

・To perform any enquiry, confirmation or collection of opinion on service improvement.

・To support all kinds of enquiry


(Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties)

Our Company shall never provide any and all Personal Information to any other Third Party without obtaining prior consent from the relevant customer as long as it is not required by law and regulation.


(Supervision of contractors)

In order to provide product and services to our customers, there are occasions that we partially provide Personal Information to our external contractors. In these occasions we will manage the contractor to handle the Personal Information properly.


(Management of Personal Information)

In order to prevent any loss, leak or damage to Personal Information, we have assigned a person in charge of Information protection to commit to adequate safety protection. Further, we adopt appropriate management to make sure the Personal Informational is correct and up to date.


(Review, modify and delete of Personal Information)

If customers would like to review, modify or delete their Personal Information, upon confirming the identity of the customer, we will respond to a reasonable extent.



Our shopping basket is verified by VeriSign. All data entered to the baskets is encrypted by SSL in order to transmit data safely with customers’ browser and server.