• Delivering “Made in Japan” to dining tables all over the world

  • Our country Japan has been importing pottery from China since the middle age. In the 16th century, clay was discovered in Arita and that was the beginning of Japanese pottery. Afterwards “Made in Japan” pottery from Arita was exported to other parts of the world from Dejima. The history of pottery has been long, nowadays each area of Japan has developed their own characteristics, patterns and materials. Japanese pottery combines practicality and beauty, you can enjoy it by both visual and touch, you can feel the humanity of the maker. We wanted to deliver this “Made in Japan” to dining table all over the world hence our shop is named “Japan Dining Pottery” (JDP in short).


“Artist Made” potteries for Everyday use



“The impression of the same dish will be different by using different pottery”.  The heart of the artist is expressed in their potteries and we, JDP, take into consideration of the material, size to match with different dishes, we travel nationally in Japan to look for artists and cooperation with them to produce potteries that cannot be bought anywhere else. We believe that it is not necessary to have exactly same products, we prefer one by one hand made products where you can enjoy by making your own combinations.

“Knowledge of Japanese Art”


By learning overseas techniques, and combines our traditions and passions, we believed that Japanese potteries is World No.1 in terms of techniques and artistry nowadays. Hundreds of years ago, people only focus on techniques, however slowly they realized the importance of the presentation of beauty and art and that is when people started making art pieces. From that, Living National Treasures, National Cultural awarded Artists were born. We would like to represent to you modern, traditional and rare Japanese art pieces.